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Who is Screaming Binary?

Screaming Binary is a collection of friends who come together, DIT (Do It Together) style, to produce fun and entertaining podcasts or internet entertainment.

The show that started it all, and what some might call a Flagship, is We Gotta Tell Ya. Where REK and Smash, a couple who met on the internet, host a variety hour of talk show bliss. They play music and talk all sorts of Pop Culture Topics.

We also have The Dani Stew, where comedian Danielle Stewart is joined by REK and they discuss whatever is on Danielle’s mind.

Does Screaming Binary Do Social Media?

In a word Yes!
We Gotta Tell Ya: Facebook, Twitter

How Can I Get In Touch With Screaming Binary?

We Gotta Tell Ya Gmail
Our e-mail

I don’t want to be a bother, What should I e-mail you about?

It’s not a bother at all. E-mail us about anything really. On We Gotta Tell Ya, we answer questions about relationship issues and field topics in a number of different areas. We would love to answer your questions on one of our shows.

We also play music and go out and about in Los Angeles. We would love to hear about your events, albums, or shows.

You Play Music, Will You Play My Music?

No Promises. But if you would like your band or self produced music played on any of our Podcasts, please shoot us an e-mail to the address above.

We tend to only play music from Artist we know and/ or music released as PodSafe music. Our intent is to showcase your art for our fans to become your fans.

Thus not all submissions will be played but we are big fans of music and welcome all submissions.

And you should know that by submitting, you agree that Screaming Binary can play said music on Podcasts where the use is not seen as an endorsement of the podcast but where the podcast is an endorsement of music.

We give you Mad Props, links, and likes, Bro.

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