Hobby Lobby – Hollyweird Squared

Hobby Lobby - Hollyweird Squared

Notes 4 The Blind: Hobby Lobby

I heard that Hobby Lobby was closing their doors. That doesn’t make me sad. So here is a comic for a bunch of ass hats who deserve to have the invisible hand of social justice play out in the “Free Market.”

In other news, I’m sorry that I missed a couple days. There have been big news around the old homestead. This past weekend I went to Palm Springs where it rained the whole time and it was awesome.

Then on Monday, it was announced that your humble REK got a political nod and will be taking a position with my local city. So that is pretty big news! Smash is telling everyone she knows!

As I’m sure you could tell, I’ve been pretty ecstatic as well but, in the future, I’m going to try and be better at keeping this place updated. Try being the key word.

Heartfelt Departing Sentiments,

Citizens Not United – Hollyweird Squared

Citizens Not United - Hollyweird Squared

Notes 4 The Blind: Citizens Not United

If there is one reason that I #FeelTheBern of Bernie Sanders it is his opposition to Citizens United. The case that gave corporations their personhood and allowed the floodgate of political donations to become wide open.

The whole subject is a little convoluted to me. You have a top tier wealth owners fund a political campaign. The political campaigns then hire some people but the rest of the money goes into advertising firms and various other industries all owned by the top tier wealth owners.

Sure there is a multiplier effect of wealth circulation, but the end result is a majority of donations going back to the very people who supplied them in the first place. Then this top tier of wealth owners is then owed something from the politician who they put in office.

They get a win win situation while the rest of America gets screwed in a very uncomfortable place, like the back of a Volkswagen. We see this in the proliferation of fraking and resistance to GMOs.

Today, I was reminded on a Facebook post, by Robert Reich, that when Citizens United decreed corporations to be people, Republicans said they would never lose another election again. They were right and they were wrong.

They were right in that candidates like Scott Walker, backed by the Koch Brothers Conservative Circus of Clowns, got to see a seat and then proceed to kill his state. They were wrong in that there are 13+ people vying for a chance to take on Bernie Sanders in the presidential race.

They are going to eat each other alive, and they are going to be awesome to watch.

By the way this whole Corporate personhood is becoming one of the many sub-themes here at Hollyweird Squared, like my second comic “Corporation Arn’t People” I hope you enjoy.

Heartfelt Departing Sentiments,