Bicycles and Butt Darts With Ricky Luna

Ricky Luna stops by Bu’s Room to celebrate the day that Wayne Knight was born. We play a triple qualifying rounds of “Who’s Hotter.” Jason ask Ricky 5 questions and we hash things out with a hash-tag hash-out. Then we wrap things up by taking a moment to look at Today in Sports! This time on…

Bicycles and Butt Darts With Ricky Luna

Bicycles and Butt Darts With Ricky Luna
Ricky Luna and Jason Rennebu

Open the Door

00:00 Legal By Hipster Bot
00:30 The Welcome to the Show

Who’s @ the Door?

02:00 It’s Ricky Luna

Take a Seat

02:00 – 07:00: Who Are You
We get to know our Guest Ricky Luna and he lets us in on a

07:00 – 14:00: This Day in Comedy
Wayne Knight was born today!
We look at an article from CBS – “Wayne Knight, a.k.a. Seinfeld’s “Newman,” says he is not dead”
Then we talk about our favorite Newman episodes of “Seinfeld”.

Who’s Hotter?

14:01 – 20:00: Triple Qualifying Rounds

The 90’s Call Back Bout – Jennifer Love Hewitt Vs. Alyssa Milano
The Golden Old School Bout – Bea Author (Golden Girl Years) Vs. Betty White (Current)

TV Time

20:00 – I didn’t know I was Gay
21:00 – Cozy Comedy Tuesday Nights at Rock Paper

Who’s Hotter?

22:01 – 32:00: Triple Qualifying Round Continued

The Golden Old School Bout – Bea Author (Golden Girl Years) Vs. Betty White (Current)
The Johnny Throw-down Bout – Johnny Dep Vs. John Ham

Hash Tag Hash-out

32:00 – 35:30: Ricky Picks #Cameltoe out of the cup of humor and we get to the bottom and hash out the gritty underbelly of the hash-tag.

5 Questions!

35:01 – 40:00: Jason has 5 questions for Ricky and things get real!

TV Time

40:00 – Die Filthy Human
41:00 – Mega-Ultra Farmer’s Market

5 Questions! continued…

42:01 – 47:00 Jason Asks Ricky his 5th and final question. It’s a big one…

Today in Sports!

47:00 – 53:00: Mike Trout is 23 Today
On Trout’s 23rd birthday, here are 23 facts –

53:00 – 55:30: Problems with Canada

2 Minute Happy Hour Warning

55:31 – 00:00: Check out Ricky Luna @ Comedy Store on Thursday or keep up to date with him @ RickyLunaLives

Come Back Next Time

58:00 End

Thank you all for listening!
Be sure to stop back by and knock on the
door of Bu’s Room to hear another talented
guest talk alllllll about Jason Junk.

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