Let’s Smoke Crack with Mae Victoria

Things get a little unsafe for work when Comedian Mae Victoria stops by Bu’s Room to tell Jason and REK all about her mission in Comedy to represent the working girl and her distant past in porn. It’s illegal aliens, woman of the night, and laughs all about various forms of crack. This time on…

Let’s Smoke Crack with Mae Victoria

Let's Smoke Crack w Mae Victoria
Mae Victoria with Jason Rennebu

Open the Door

00:00 Legal By Hipster Bot
00:30 The Welcome to the Show

Who’s @ the Door?

02:00 – It’s Mae Victoria

Take a Seat

02:00 – 10:00: Mae Gets Down and Dirty about Porn
She lets us know about the stigma and real life behind sex on the reels.

10:01 – 13:00: Mae Starts To Tease
The stories about this vixen may or may not be true but she teases us like a good girl should.

13:00 – 15:00: Let’s Smoke Crack
Mae has a goal for the short term. She’s a free spirit and wants to smoke crack and do comedy.

15:00 – 20:00 We Get Deep In The Porn

TV Time

20:00 – Go Away Body Spray
21:00 – Cozy Comedy @ Rock Paper

We get Cozy

22:00 – 24:00: What kind of Eggs Does Mae Make
A wonder in the bedroom and on stage, but wait there is more. Mae let’s us in on another habit she has started.

24:01 – 28:00: Born not in the USA
We get into a discussion about immigration and them Mae tells us the aliens are right under our nose.

28:01 – 31:00: Who’s Better US or the Maple Leaf

30:01 – 34:00 Let’s Talk Tits!
A pair of 32 Double D to be exact. We get a whole long look to last our life time.

34:01 – 40:00: 5 Questions
Jason ask Mae 5 question he wants to know the answer too.

TV Time

41:00 – Self Sabotage Man
42:00 – “Gams They’re Better Than Yams and Easier To Harvest” by Patrick E. Mortonic

42:01 – 47:00: Mae’s Mission
Mae tells us about her life in comedy and the mission she brings to her work.

47:01 – 50:00: 5 Questions Continued…
Jason asks the most important question.

50:01 – 52:00 Are Aliens Real
We talk Alex Jones and then things get really strange.

52:01 – Mae has some question for Jason
Does he have any skill when the tongue goes downtown, if you know what we are saying.

2 Minute Happy Hour Warning

Follow Mae Victoria at @MsMaeVictoria

Come Back Next Time

58:00 End

Thank you all for listening!
Be sure to stop back by and knock on the
door to hear another talented guest talk
alllllll about Jason Junk.

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