The Shakers Rescue Us

Jason answers the door to Bu’s Room and welcomes the Shakers. We spark a conversation all about this hot Los Angeles Band.

Ro is the first to arrive with squid fried rice and offers us the perspective of the Shakers from the newest member. Then we jump to the oldest and founding member as Chris Lee arrives to add his wise words. And then we break up the sausage fest with the talented and congenial Jodie.    This time on…

The Shakers Rescue Us

The Shakers Rescue Us - Bu's Room Podcast
The Shakers Rescue Us

Open the Door

00:00 Legal By Hipster Bot
00:30 The Welcome to the Show

Who’s @ the Door?

02:00 It’s Ro From The Shakers

Take a Seat

02:01 – 11:00 Slapping the Bassist
Ro was the first to arrive and we grill him about his position in the band. He’s the newest member of the Shakers and at least in the top 4 funniest of his crew.

11:01 – 20:00 The Great Chris Lee Arrives
The axe man to end all axe men arrives on the scene fresh from high class lunch in BH. Then he tells us the real story behind the shakers.

TV Time

20:00 – KBU News

Q & A

22:00 – 25:00 3/4 of the Shakers Arrive
Jodie arrives fashionably late and we are all over joyed to end the sausage fest in the Bu’s Room.

25:00 – 29:00 5 Questions
Jason’s has 5 question for the Shakers and they have answers!

29:00 – 33:00 Deep In The Shaker’s Sound
We ask the Shakers about the new album they have in the works and about their sound as a whole and then we score a couple copies of their last album “Rescue Team.”

33:01 – 40:00 AC/DC and Switching Roles
We get into the type of AC/DC that Jodie likes and then talk about Chris stepping with Jason’s comedic toes

TV Times 2

40:00 – Cozy Comedy @ Rock Paper Coffee 8:30 PM
41:00 Fake Commercial Smitty’s House of Boobs & Bacon

Music Time

43:00 Whatcha Want – The Shakers

46:00 – 49:00 Tina Please Tina!
Jodie has a dream of Tina Turner singing “Whatcha Want” and we want to get that campaign started.

49:01 – 53:00 Who’s Hotter!
Meghan Fox vs Katie Perry. Who wins, listen to find out.

53:00 – 56:20 What’s In the Works?
We ask the Shakers what is in the works and get a couple goodies that fans will want to know about.

2 Minute Happy Hour Warning

Join the Shakers on August 8th @ The Viper Room

Come Back Next Time

58:00 End

Thank you all for listening!
Be sure to stop back by and knock on the
door to hear another talented guest talk
alllllll about Jason Junk.

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