Back From Hiatus Show 059

Back from Hiatus Show 059

Smash and REK are back in the Studio and off Hiatus to talk about all the Voting that went down last week. We take 420 smoking seconds to talk about the Victories and the losses in the cannabis community. Then we get deep into a conversation about the theory of the podcast we love so much.

We feature music by The Bookshop Band, Empty Disco, and Vandaveer. This time on…

Back From Hiatus Show 059

We Gotta Tell Ya show 059
We are Back, Spread the News!

Opening Of We Gotta Tell Ya

00:00 Legal By Hipster Bot
00:30 Intro To Show

Featured Artist

02:00 The Paris Wife – The Bookshop Band

Headlights On Headlines

07:44 Back in Black
The Republican Party Is Back’: GOP Celebrates Big Gains – NBC

13:33 Throwing up Gang Signs
#Pointergate: Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges Denies Gang Sign Claim – NBCNews

We Gotta Take A Break

15:00 The Koch Brother’s Conservative Circus of Clowns
16:00 Cannabis Legalization

420 Smoking Seconds

18:27 Legalization is happening!
Pot legalization spreads through the West and into D.C. – L.A. Times

23:44 Legalization is going, going, back back to Cali!
Pot Proponents Look to California After Victories – ABC News

27:25 Raids in the Days before the Election
Federal DEA Agents Raid WeHo’s The Farmacy Marijuana Shop – WehoVille

Featured Artist

30:00 Show and Tell (Feat. Alice G) – Empty Disco
33:00 Pretty Polly – Vandaveer

420 Smoking Seconds continued…

We finish up our conversation about the Raids in WeHo


39:00 Set My Alarm
Wake Up Call With The Rock – Wake Up Call

42:00 Biden / Warren 2016
We talk about our hopes for the next presidential race.

We Gotta Take A Break

45:00 Smitty McSmitty’s House of Boobs and Bacon
46:00 The Mud of Prejudice

Inside the Gotta Tell Ya

47:00 Smash and REK talk a little about the concept behind our favorite podcast.

Show To See This Show

56:30 REK’s Pants!

Fin, it’s French!

58:00 End


Thank you so much for listening.
You guys mean the world to us!

<3 Smash and REK

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