Earbuds and Leaning With W Puscie Jones Show 011

We skip our Monday post for CISPA, and we are back with special guest star W Puscie Jones. We talk about the passing of a singer, the anonymous action you should support, and things that Puscie likes! We know you want to know! We also play some NY77 and New Songs by Tommy Peacock! This time on…

We Gotta Tell Ya

00:00 Legal by Hipsterbot 2000

00:37 Recap of Show 010

02:22 Young N’ Fly – NY77

00:00 Opening of Show

07:00 Introducing W Puscie Jones.

10:00 When I think About You…
Divinyls singer Chrissy Amphlett dies – ABC

15:00 Commercial Break
Screaming Binary

18:00 CISPA Blackout!
CISPA is Back: FAQ on What it is and Why it’s Still Dangerous – EFF.org

30:00 The Best I Feel – Tommy Peacock

34:00 Things Puscie Jones Likes

38:00 Plug for Cinema-Suicide
Cinema Suicide Mark II: Jazz Odyssey! – Cinema-Suicide

39:00 Ms. Witherspoon in trouble!
Here’s Reese Witherspoon’s Eye Contact-Avoiding Mugshot – LAist

45:00 Commercial Break
Mike Tyson Drug PSA Re-Mix

48:00 Now With Code Phrases
1. Follow us on Twitter
2. Like Our Facebook Page
3. Wait for our tweet “First one to post show ###’s code phrase on our facebook page gets…”
4. Post code phrase on our facebook.
Be the first to post and WIN!

50:00 Shout out to Nicole Elizabeth

51:00 We Talk Filly – Filly Brown

56:50 Me Want Cookies
8,000 Suspected Marijuana Cookies Discovered During Reported Home Invasion In Canada Huffington Post

58:00 Ending of the Show
Watch out for the Code Phrase!

Hepsters and WeGots,
Thank you for listening!
Smash and REK

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