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Originally Posted ” Mar 9, 2013 @ 12:13 “

Live from our studio in West Hollywood We Gotta Tell Ya is back with REK and Smash. Our duo is joined by our special first guest, Kimmy P. We talk some news, this week in Weed, play a rock block of Jodie from the Shakers and we talk about our field trip to see Hollywood Follies at the Improv…

We Gotta Tell Ya!
With Special Guest Star Kimmy P

Show Notes and links

00:00 – Episode 1 Recap…

00:40 – Nice Peter – It’s time to be Gay
We are big fans of Nice Peter, check him out.

07:21 – Porn, Joint and Child in Safeway Bathroom Leads to Arrest – NBC
One very naughty man has fun in both sexes bathrooms.

12:30- Dunkin’ Donuts worker stops robbery — with hot coffee
When faced with a robber, one employee takes matters into his own hands and throws coffee in his face.

15:00 – Mideval Rhymes

16:00 – Clones-R-Us

20:40 – Kyle Kushman and OG Tea Releases Veganics Special Sauce
The former Editor of High Times Magazine and legendary Grower teams up with Old-school Growers Microbial Tea releases his Veganics, a non-animal nutrient system.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fined nearly $1 million and suspended after testing positive for marijuana
Not a wrestler but a Boxer, that is close right?
Mr. Chavez tested positive for cannabis and was fined 900,000 and a 9 month fine in the great state of Nevada.

25:00 – Global Temperatures Highest in 4,000 Years
The headline really says it all.

– Jodi Rock Block!
30:00 – She Just Might – Automatic Music Explosion
33:00 – Set My Sights – The Shakers

38:00 Big deal: You can be fat and fit
We discuss an opinion piece by Marlyn Wann from CNN

46:40 – Commercial
Strapped To The Teeth

47:20 – Commercial
Gotta Watch TV

48:50 – OP Ed by our Guest Star, Kimmy P!

53:00 – Hollywood Follies with the Sugar Girls
We went down to the Improve for Andy Dick and the Sugar girls’ show and met Cole Parker Dean DelRay, Mike Faverman (the comedian who we forget his name in the show) and Dane Cook!

Hepsters and WeGots,
Thank you for listening.
and we would like to thank our first Guest Star, Kimmy P.
Smash and REK

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