And Smash Helped! Show 057

Smash gives a major hand in the preparation of the show and it shows off big time in the finished product where REK and Smash get back from the Farmer’s Market just in time to talk about LA Parking Groups that are fighting for you and the Pope who has kicked out the mafia from church.

We get into a discussion about the homeless with an awful product and article that is so bad you have to hear. Then we learn what’s #FatsRight with Dr. Oz and Tim Gunn. And we morn the death of Hipster-ism.

We feature music by Steve Forbert, SPORTS, and Bad Weed. This time on…

And Smash Helped!

And Smash Helped!
It’s True!

Opening Of We Gotta Tell Ya

00:00 Legal By Hipster Bot
00:30 Intro To Show

Featured Artist

02:30 You’d See The Things That I See – Steve Forbert

Headlights On Headlines

06:40 Ray A Drop Of Golden Sun
L.A.’s Days of Outrageous Parking Tickets May Be Numbered Thanks to Two Guys – LA Weekly

10:54 The Man Of God VS. The God Father
Pope excommunicates Italian Mafia members – CNN

We Gotta Take A Break

15:00 Gams Their Better Than Yams and Easier To Harvest By Patrick E. Mortonic
16:20 Don’t Be Like REK

Inequality In Action!

19:37 Make The Homeless More Unseen
This Ingenious Hoodie Could Save Homeless People’s Lives – Huffington Post

Featured Artist

30:00 Tiny Planets – SPORTS
31:53 Show Me What You Got – Bad Weed (off the Fettkakao Sampler 2014)


36:08 The Dr. Of OZ Hawks Snake Oil
Senate Panel Rips Dr. Oz a New One for Lying to Your Fat Face – Gawker
41:00 The Only Gunn Allowed In The Studio!
Tim Gunn wants a season of ‘Project Runway’ with plus-size models –

We Gotta Take A Break

45:00 Tall Slim Tony On Pope Francis
46:00 Clone Inc

Death Of The Hepsters

48:00 This The End…
The end of the hipster: how flat caps and beards stopped being so cool – The Guardian

Show To See This Show

56:00 Days N’ Daze | Broken Bow | Sledding With Tigers | Kitten Crisis | Amy Bruce Spaceshow | Akira Flip | Just Nick @ Bridgetown on the Sunday July 6th .

Fin, it’s French!

58:00 End

Thank you so much for
listening and I think you’ll
Agree that with Smash helping
out, we got a much better show.
You should let her know, so she
will keep up the really good
work. Until Next time, See
the beauty of each other!

Heartfelt Departing Sentiments,

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